Put a nose on it!


Sonitron supports a lot of initiatives… This year Sonitron has supported a fun initiative as the red nose day.

Red nose Day in Belgium is a benefit campaign organized by VTM, Qmusic, and Belfius to raise money for improving the mental, physical and social resilience of young people.

“Laughing” is central to Red Nose Day. Their motto is “laugh” for a reason. By laughing and acting crazy together, they want to break the taboo around psychological problems and make them discussable. They also want to raise money with the help of all sorts of fun campaigns and donations to give them better care.

Contribute too?

Everyone in Flanders Belgium can contribute to Red Nose Day. A special call goes to schools, teachers, and students to organize actions. The money raised will be used to support Red Nose Schools that invest in the well-being of their students.

Go visit the website of red nose day for more information about supporting this beautiful initiative!

Source: https://www.rodeneuzendag.be

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