Standard Series

The standard series are based on the highest piezo technology and are considered as the most robust series for industrial applications. The standard buzzers use a special shaped membrane (curved edge), which is fixed and glued into the housing. They are shockproof, as well as dust and waterproof (IP67). The different standard models cover a wide range of applications, offering functions such as continuous, intermittent, sweep, and warbler, with a sound output more than 100 dB(A).

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  • Extremely high sound pressure level with a very clear and penetrating sound output
  • Solid-state shockproof buzzer
  • Dust and waterproof, rated to IP 67
  • PCB and panel mounting; pin or fast-on terminals
  • Very high reliability
  • Low power consumption
  • Wide operating supply range
  • Wide temperature range
  • Electronics potted in epoxy
  • Small in dimensions



Medical EquipmentTrucks & automobilesSignaling & Process control equipment 
BoatsMilitary equipmentFire detectors
Trains & MetroFlight instrumentationAgricultural equipment 
medical instrumentationGas & metal detectors 



+ 15%
Current (mA)
SC 235Acontin.23525000.33573
SC 235Bcontin.23535000.43587
SCI 535 A1multif.535250011.43577
SCI 535 B1multif.535350011.43586
SCI 535 A5multif.535250051.43577
SCI 535 B5multif.535350051.43586
SCR 535 Amultif.5352500201.43582
SCR 535 Bmultif.5353500201.43584
SW 535 Bwarbler53535001.33587
SUC 516 Acontin.51625001.81692
SUC 516 Bcontin.51635000.81690
SULC 516 Bcontin.51635002.01697
SULI 516 B1intermit.516350011.21694
SULI 516 B5intermit.516350051.21694
SUM 516 A1multif.516250011.81693
SUM 516 A5multif.516250051.81693
SULM 516 B1multif.516350012.41696
SULM 516 B5multif.516350052.41696
SC 0715 BLcontin.0.71535000.31598


SCI 535 1700multif.535170011.412.267


Operating temperature-40°C to +85°C
Storage temperature-40°C to +85°C
Lifetime (at 21°C)@12Vdc continuous use min. 2000 hours
Case materialABS (UL rating: 94 HB) Standard color of case Grey
Terminal materialTinned brass for both pin terminals and fast-on terminals
SupplementalReverse voltage protected. Weight: 13 g to 24 g


Multi-functionality of the standard series

The standard series offers the client several functions in one single buzzer. The selection of a function is illustrated in the scheme below.


SW1SW2SCI 535/ SUM 516/ SULM 516SCR 535


Sound pressure level vs. voltage


Electrical parameters



Dimensions (All dimensions are in mm) 

Standard option code 

Option code exampleDescription
W100SC0715BL-W100With 2 wires: length 10cm ( instead of 2 pins)
W100 SCI535B5-W100With 3 wires: length 10cm ( instead of 3 pins)
W150SC0715BL-W150With 2 wires: length 15cm ( instead of 2 pins)
W300 SC0715BL-W300With 2 wires: length 30cm ( instead of 2 pins)
ACRSC235A-ACRAcryl coating: The protective coating gives complementary protection against smog. All standard series buzzers are perfectly waterproof (IP67) without the mentioned coating.
Gasket (O-ring)GASKETRubber sealing ring for waterproof assembly


*All standard series are delivered with a mounting nut!

** Add an option by mentioning the suffix to the model of the standard series! 

!! Other options can be made based on your requirements, please contact our support team at

Product codification


*0.7: 0.7 Vdc minimum voltage of the SC 0715 BL

F**: If no terminal specification, the model is delivered with round pins, diameter 1.5mm. Fast-on terminals are available in 2 dimensions: F=4.76mm (0.187 inch) or F2= 6.35mm (0.250 inch)

M*** Military norm MIL-STD 202


List of available products 



Mounting guidelines


Printed circuit board By soldering the terminals
Front panel mountingPanel mounting with a plastic nut. The buzzers can be mounted in panels up to 14 mm thickness (SP27 max. 7mm). They are locked with a locking pin ( dimensions 0.8×2.3mm) and secured to the panel with a plastic nut: 6 Nm (Wrench size 38mm).

The step of the tread is 1.5 mm (M32 x 1.5)









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