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A dance not to forget!

  “A mouthmask against cancer…”   With the hope of being able to contain the damage caused by covid-19, Sonitron purchased washable mouth masks from the organization Think Pink Belgium. The organisation Think Pink Belgium is the national breast cancer campaign that targets breast cancer patients and their families on a daily basis. All across […]

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For a few weeks, our daily life has been changed by the authority guidelines to limit the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19. This brings a lot of adjustments, questions, and concerns for us and our family. It is an emotional and stressful period for many of us. We can be very proud that the Sonitron […]

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New Packaging!

You may have noticed in your last order that we have changed our packaging, but what’s the story? At Sonitron, we strongly believe that our company has the opportunity to make a positive difference to the local environment in which we live & work. We see environmentally packaging as an opportunity to reduce our environmental […]

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Workplace Learning

  Speaking a language, other than the one spoken by everyone at your workplace, may leave others feel left out.  It can create difficult personal relationships with your coworkers! Working in a space where you feel excluded by languages can sometimes disinterest people, of language learning and growth. At Sonitron we motivate our employees who […]

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Put a nose on it!

  Sonitron supports a lot of initiatives… This year Sonitron has supported a fun initiative as the red nose day. Red nose Day in Belgium is a benefit campaign organized by VTM, Qmusic, and Belfius to raise money for improving the mental, physical and social resilience of young people. “Laughing” is central to Red Nose […]

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Sonitron goes green!

You may have noticed in your last order that we have changed our packaging, but what’s the story? Discover more on  

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A race worth running for!

This year, Sonitron helps fund cancer research that has a direct influence on the lives and wellbeings of cancer patients. Read more on

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Completed by the best!

The Lions racing team (Germany) and Global Formula racing team (Germany & USA), are both student racing teams from different countries. Both universities design, build and race their own one-seater race car for a fictional manufacturing company. These two teams use advanced technology to create highly competitive vehicles. At the end of their construction, the […]

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