SMAC Series

Piezo acoustic components are more and more used in small portable equipment and as a critical alerting device. Reliability must be very high in the most difficult environmental circumstances, such as extreme and varying temperatures, vibrations, shocks, dust conditions, humid environment, etc. The SMAC buzzers and transducers, manufactured with over 30 years of experience in the field of piezo acoustic technology, are very stable sound components with a lifetime of more than 1000 hours in continuous use. In these small dimensions, the SMAC buzzers and transducers are actually the best available piezo alarms for life-supporting systems.

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  • Electronics included
  • Rounded octagonal shape
  • PCB mounting (pin version)
  • Shock, dust & waterproof (IP67)
  • Produces a high reliable & clear sound
  • Light but solid construction
  • Low power consumption
  • Easily mountable
  • Low cost compared to quality



AlarmsTrucks & automobilesSignaling & Process control equipment 
BoatsFire detectorsAirplanes
Life support systemsGas  detectors 






ModelFunctionSound pressure level*

(dB(A) (+/- 2Hz)

Frequency (Hz)

(+/- 15%)

Operating Voltage (Vdc)Operating*** DC current (mA)
SMAC – 25continuous93.533505 – 16 Vdc9.7
SMACI – 25intermittent*93.533505 – 16 Vdc9.7
SMAC – 25L (under construction)continuous10033505 – 35 Vdc17
SMACT – 25transducersee graphsee graph
*Pulse rate  1Hz (+/- 15%)

(+/- 30%) nF)

Operating Voltage

(VAC pp)

SMACT – 2520nF0 to 30


Operating temperature-40°C to +85°C
Storage temperature-40°C to +85°C
Expected Lifetime >1000 hours @12Vdc @21°C (free air) mounted on print 

How to extend the lifetime of the Sonitron SMA series? 

ColorGrey, Black
Terminalspins ( tinned brass)
Case materialPBL (UL rating:94 HB)
Weight7.8 – 8.5 g


**All measurements are made in free air @21°C @30cm @12Vdc.

The test buzzer is soldered on a PCB board with dimensions of 24cm * 11cm



Electrical parameters 





Dimensions (All dimensions are in mm)


Standard options 

Option code ExampleDescription
MCSMAC-25-P15-MCAcryl coating: The protective coating gives a complementary assurance against smog All Smac series buzzers are perfectly waterproof (IP67) without the mentioned coating.
Wash TabSMAC-25-P17.5 + Wash Tab

Recommended for the automatic washing production process. The Wash Tab is upon the sound-emitting hole, avoiding liquid penetration into the cavity.

TO BE REMOVED AFTER the washing process for good sound output!!!

FP21SMACI-25-P15-FPAcoustic stabilization Foam Patch, easy to stick. For: SMAC(I)-25-P15, SMAC(I)-25-P17.5

!! Other options can be made based on your requirements, please contact our support team at

Product codification 


List of available products 

SMAC-25-W100SMACI-25-W100SMAC-25L- W100SMACT-25-W100



Under construction…





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