SCS Series

Introduced as the first model of Sonitron's piezoceramic speakers, the SCS-series are still being used for numerous applications. Good sound quality and limited distortion guarantee a clear reproduction of multiple tones. The piezo speaker has 60 % more net sound output per membrane surface than the electro-dynamic speaker in the function of the average current drain and average sound pressure level.

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NEW Multi-tone & Complex sound piezo speaker!

Discover our newest Piezo speaker that guarantees a clear reproduction of multiple tones. This speaker is characterized by its complex tones in which two or more simple tones can be created..


  • Very flat and solid construction
  • Dust, water- and shockproof front panel
  • Resistant to temperature variations
  • Broad frequency range in small sizes
  • Combined use as speaker/microphone
  • No electromagnetic field (EMC)
  • Little energy required at low frequencies
  • Less current consumption needed in the leads to the speaker
  • 60% higher acoustic output in smaller speakers compared to electrodynamic speakers
  • Low weight
  • High impedance
  • Can be driven directly by IC



Medical EquipmentCommunication equipmentComputer equipmentPaying systems
Home equipmentIndustrial equipmentFlight instrumentationMultimedia equipment


ModelFrequency rangePeak frequency




Operating voltageImpedance



SCS – 171500 – 8000Hz2200 Hz – 92 dB

5000 Hz – 91 dB

20nFSine wave 

Square wave

5 to 30 Vpp

5 to 21 Vpp

7957 ohm1.7 g
SCS – 241000 – 8000 Hz800 Hz – 68 dB

1600 Hz – 95 dB

4000 Hz – 87 dB

37 nFSine wave

Square wave

5 to 30 Vpp

5 to 21Vpp

4300 ohm4 g
SCS – 32500 – 8000 Hz650 Hz – 85 dB

2700 Hz – 100 dB

3700 Hz – 88 dB

7500 Hz – 80 dB

66 nFSine wave 

Square wave 

5 to 30 Vpp

5 to 21 Vpp

2400 ohm5.9 g

*All measurements are made in free air @30cm using a 30Vpp sine wave.

**The speakers were mounted in a box with dimensions 40x15x5cm.


Operating temperature-20°C to +60°C
Storage temperature-40°C to +60°C
Case materialABS (UL rating: 94 HB) for pin-version,

PPS ( UL rating: 94 V0/5V) for SMD versions,

Standard color of caseBlack



Theoretical the main impedance of the piezo speakers is a capacitive reactance and follows an asymptotic function.


The typical practical impedance values (+/-20%) for frequencies of 100 Hz up to 20kHz of our speakers are as follows:

Model SCS-17SCS-24SCS-32
Capacitance20 nF37 nF66 nF
Z (0.1kHz)79577 ohm43000 ohm24114 ohm
Z (1 kHz)7957 ohm4300 ohm2411 ohm
Z (2 kHz)3978 ohm2150 ohm1205 ohm
Z (5 kHz)1591 ohm860 ohm482 ohm
Z (10 kHz)795 ohm430 ohm241 ohm
Z (15 kHz)530 ohm286 ohm161 ohm
Z (20 kHz)397 ohm215 ohm121 ohm


 SCS series




Sound pressure level vs frequency 


*Pink noise measurements are made in free air.

**The speakers were mounted in a box with dimensions of 40x15x5 cm.

Dimensions ( all dimensions in mm)


Standard options

Option codeexampleDescription
SP02SCS-32-P10/SP02Contains heavy-duty wires ( plastic insulation), connection sealed with silicone
FP175SCS-24-S-FPAcoustic stabilization Foam Patch, easy to stick.

For: SCS-24-P10/ SCS-24-S

FP245SCS-32-S-FPAcoustic stabilization Foam Patch, easy to stick.

For: SCS-32-P10/ SCS-32-S

!! Other options can be made based on your requirements, please contact our support team at

Product codification

List of available products 

Mounting guidelines 

The SCS speakers can be mounted in several different ways. The recommended mounting methods illustrated below are the best ways to mount all the SCS speaker models.