RMA Warranty

Our products are warranted for one year after the date of shipment. (Warranty void if the product is opened.)

In case products are returned for quality control, the products must be sent to the factory with the following information :

  • Samples of the defective pieces
  • Name and address of the customer
  • Application description
  • Invoice-number
  • Copy of the inspection sheet delivered in the box
  • Copy of the written complaint from the customer


This should be accompanied by our QD1 document, which will be sent to you immediately after registration of your complaint.
This document should be duly completed so that we have sufficient details about the problem in order to deal with the matter swiftly.
The products must be used according to the working instructions and conditions specified in our technical data.  Return shipments will only be accepted for quality control if the products have not been physically changed, damaged or opened.  They will only be accepted if all the required information is available.

Customers doing life tests or functional condition tests on Sonitron parts are requested not to use the tested parts for further use in their application.

These parts have been put under exceptional stress and other critical environmental conditions aging the tested products before normal use.

A normal lifetime cannot be applied anymore on these parts. Returned products with the request by the customer for quality replacement (RMA), but which are found to be destructed due to exceptional life and/or stress tests, will not be replaced.

Sonitron reserves the right to invoice the costs, made for the investigation of the abusive quality claims, to the customer.


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