Wired sound components

Soldered terminals in epoxy substances

Soldering wires directly onto pinned terminals may seem like an easy and convenient way to make a connection, but it’s actually not recommended for several reasons…

Firstly, solder can break or crack over time. This is especially when solder is subjected to vibrations and can lead to electrical failure. This can be costly to repair and may even pose a safety risk.

Secondly, soldering wires onto terminals can make it difficult to replace or repair components in the future. If the sound component needs to be replaced or repaired as a part, the shrink tube must be disconnected from the terminal, which can be a time consuming and delicate process. In some cases, it can even damage the terminal or the component itself when heat is used.

Instead of soldering wires onto terminals, it’s recommended to choose for a wired piezo sound component with wires soldered directly onto the PCB and epoxy substance. This solution provide a secure and reliable connection, and saves you a lot of costs and production time. 

At Sonitron, we recommend to use wired components with a terminal connector for a secure and reliable connection!



Advantages of a wired piezo sound component? 

Choosing sound components with wired terminals in epoxy substance can have several advantages:

Cost & time effective: Short your assembly time by choosing a completely finished product for your end-product. This will saves you a lot of assembly costs and time!

Protection: The epoxy substance provides a protective barrier around the wired terminals, preventing them from becoming damaged due to exposure to moisture or dust.

Easy installation: Sound components with wired terminals soldered on the PCB can be easily installed using standard soldering techniques, making them a convenient option for many different applications.

no use of excessive heat: Applying too much heat on the shrink tube can damage the insulation and lead to wire breakage or insulation melting.

Ingress Protection – IP 67 : Even if the solder joint is applied correctly, there may still be small gaps or openings that allow water or moisture to enter. Over time, this can lead to damage to the wire and pin terminals. Because of the soldered wires inside the acoustic design it makes it waterproof!

Overall, choosing sound components with wired terminals soldered on PCB and in epoxy substance can provide many benefits, including improved durability, protection against moisture, ease of installation, money and time saving!


Sonitron customized solutions for wired piezo sound components

Sonitron offers customized solutions for wired piezo components tailored to meet specific customer requirements. Our customized solutions include…

  1. Custom shape and size: Piezo components can be manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet specific application requirements.
  2. Custom wiring and terminals: Piezo components can be manufactured with customized wiring and terminals to meet specific application requirements. This may involve selecting the appropriate wire gauge, length, and terminal type to match the device or system.
  3. Custom connection methods: Different connections available on demand depending on your project to deliver a complete finished product.
  4. Custom testing and verification: Piezo components can be tested and verified to meet specific application requirements. This may involve custom testing procedures or specific quality control standards.

By offering customized solutions for wired piezo components, Sonitron can provide its customers with components that meet their unique application requirements. This can help to improve performance, reduce costs, and provide an easy mounting process and use!


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