SMB Series

Sonitron SMB-series ( multi-frequency buzzers) offer the possibility to program several different frequencies. These audible signals with multi-frequency programmability will become an important component that must be considered in every design of equipment, machines, household equipment, computers, communication equipment, control panels, etc.

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  • Low cost
  • Solid-state reliability 
  • No EMC
  • Very low current consumption
  • Panel and PCB mountable 
  • Free programmable
  • Easy integration in existing circuits 
  • Small dimensions 
  • Thin profile 



Automatic doors Portable equipment Clocks & Timers 


Control panels Answering equipmentToys & Games



ModelSPL *



+/- 15% (Hz)

Peak frequencies

SPL **

Operating voltage (Vdc)Weight (g)
SMB – 17 CCSee graphSee graph2250 Hz – 79 dB(A)

1670 Hz – 71 dB (A)

785 Hz – 69 dB (A)

325 Hz – 64 dB (A)

1.5 to 152
SMB – 32 CCSee graphSee graph2250 Hz – 76 dB (A)

1260 Hz – 89 dB (A)

785 Hz – 68 dB (A)

325 Hz – 66 dB (A)

1.5 to 158


*The current consumption decreases when the frequency is lowered. See graph ‘Current consumption vs. Frequency’.

** The given sound pressure values are measured @12 Vdc @30cm distance in free air and have an accuracy of +/- 15%. Default factory setting of the SMB models: continuous tone


Operating temperature-40°C to +85°C
Storage temperature-40°C to +85°C
Lifetime (at 21°C)Click the link to see how you can  strengthen the lifetime of your sonitron component  + optional options (
Case materialPBT (Url  rating: 94 HB ) for pin-version

PPS (Url  rating: 94 V0/5V)  for SMD-version

Standard color of case Black



Frequency vs external capacitor (c)

*Sound pressure level vs external capacitor (c)



Dimensions (All dimensions are in mm)


Standard product options 

Option codeexampleDescription
FP13SMB-17CC-P10-FPAcoustic stabilization Foam Patch, easy to stick

For: SMB-17CC-P10

FP24SMB-32CC-S-FPAcoustic stabilization Foam Patch, easy to stick

For: SMB-32CC-P10/ SMB-32CC-S

*Add an option by mentioning the suffix to the model of the SMB series! 


!! Other options can be made based on your requirements, please contact our support team at

Product codification


List of available products 




Mounting guidelines 

Working principleIn order to realize different frequencies with the SMB multi-frequency buzzers, the customer should simply connect a capacitor between the control pin and the ground. It is also possible to disable the SMB, by putting a resistor (47K) to the ground (INHIBIT).




Typical application descriptionWith the circuit shown below, 16 possible frequencies can be generated. The value of C1, C2, C3,…with their respective frequencies are given in the graph ‘frequency vs.external capacitor.



This typical application description is not limited to the typical components we have illustrated. Many other possibilities exist to select and switch the capacitors and/or the resistor.