smb series

SMB Series

Sonitron SMB-series ( multi-frequency buzzers) offer the possibility to program several different frequencies. These audible signals with multi-frequency programmability will become an important component that must be considered in every design of equipment, machines, household equipment, computers, communication equipment, control panels, etc.

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  • Low cost
  • Solid-state reliability 
  • No EMC
  • Very low current consumption
  • Panel and PCB mountable 
  • Free programmable
  • Easy integration in existing circuits 
  • Small dimensions 
  • Thin profile 



TrainsTrucks & automobilesClocks & Timers 


AlarmsControl panels Answering equipment


Toys & GamesAutomatic doors 


ModelSPL *



+/- 15% (Hz)

Peak frequencies

SPL **

Operating voltage (Vdc)Weight (g)
SMB – 17 CCSee graphSee graph2250 Hz – 79 dB(A)

1670 Hz – 71 dB (A)

785 Hz – 69 dB (A)

325 Hz – 64 dB (A)

1.5 to 152
SMB – 32 CCSee graphSee graph2250 Hz – 76 dB (A)

1260 Hz – 89 dB (A)

785 Hz – 68 dB (A)

325 Hz – 66 dB (A)

1.5 to 158


*The current consumption decreases when the frequency is lowered. See graph ‘Current consumption vs. Frequency’.

** The given sound pressure values are measured @12 Vdc @30cm distance in free air and have an accuracy of +/- 15%. Default factory setting of the SMB models: continuous tone


Operating temperature -40°C to +85°C

Storage temperature -40°C to +85°C

Lifetime (at 21°C)  Click the link to see how you can  strengthen the lifetime of your sonitron component  (

Case material PBT (Url  rating: 94 HB ) for pin-version

PPS (Url  rating: 94 V0/5V)  for SMD-version

Standard colour of case  Black