Important announcements


Packaging adjustment letter

Dear Valued Sonitron Customer/Distributor,   You will notice that your packaging for the SMA-13-S has been adjusted.  We will be replacing the SMA-13-S board packaging and continue using the layer material of the SMA-17-S series. This change will not affect the quality or material of the goods. The scope of the change is simply to remove the non-recyclable plastic […]

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Critical components

Important note!  critical components   We consider critical components these having a final acoustic warning signal in dangerous applications such as: life support systems and equipment used to warn for life danger such as: portable gas detectors,medical monitoring equipment, aircraft cockpit alarm’s, car breaking alarm’s etc… Components used as an acoustical function in order to indicate […]

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Obsolete products

This announcement serves as a notification that Sonitron has decided to discontinue the manufacturing of 2 products from the SMA series: The SMA-17L and SMA-21L.Normally the Product obsolescence Policy of Sonitron allows us to support these products for a limited time in order to allow future planning by all of our distributors, unfortunately, due to […]

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