Sonitron finds a customized solution for every application. Every project requires a unique approach. Every application is different depending on the requirements and specifications that plays a role in the assembly of our sound components. As experts in piezo components, we can offer every customer a personalized solution to their needs.


At Sonitron you can choose from 3 different customized options

Standard options

Choose the standard options you want to add that applies for your project. Options are offered as default with the order.

All standard series are delivered with a mounting nut! Add an option by mentioning the suffix to the model of your choice! ( see standard option list/ O-ring/ Foam patch options )


Modify existing components

In consultation with the R&D and support department, Sonitron piezo components can be modified if standard options do not meet your technical requirements.

New product for your project 

Complete customized product can be made according to your application. Let us know a bit more about what options you have in mind, and we can discuss possible options that could work for your project.

How to request a customized product?

For customized options                or                ,
please contact us at

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