SAP series

The 1302 series of piezo alarms generate an acoustic intermittent loud tone and are installed at the back of a car, truck, tractor, jeep, golf-trolley, ... or any other vehicle that can move in reverse at any moment, thus alerting people that are approaching the vehicle. The 1302 series are tested for use in all weather conditions and have a lifetime in continuous use of more than 1000 hours.

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  • Very low current consumption
  • Dust-tight, shock and water-resistant (IP67)
  • Low frequency (large traveling distance of audible wavelength)
  • No magnetic field (EMC)
  • Robust fiber reinforced PBT housing
  • High lifetime in continuous function
  • Easy mountable design Multi-voltage application (12/24/48Vdc)





  • Van
  • Fork-lift
  • Lorry
  • Bus
  • Light commercial vehicle
  • Car
  • Light truck
  • Garbage truck
  • Electrical vehicles (golf, airport, warehouse,…)
  • Military vehicles








ModelFunctionOperating Voltage (Vdc)


Frequency (Hz)

(+/- 30%)

Operating current (mA)Sound pressure level*


Weight (g)
SAP-1302-Aintermittent12 – 24160070112230
SAP-1302-Bintermittent12 – 24160065107230
SAP-1302-Cintermittent12 – 48125014597210
SAP-1302-Dintermittent12 – 1225001587230



Operating voltage12/24 Vdc12/24 Vdc12/24/48 Vdc12 Vdc**
frequency (+/- 15%)1600 Hz

(1Hz intermittent)

1600 Hz

(1Hz intermittent)

1250 Hz

(1Hz intermittent)

2500 Hz

(1Hz intermittent)

Current consumption:12Vdc: 145mA (avg.)

24 Vdc: 70mA (avg.)

12Vdc: 140 mA (avg.)

24 Vdc: 65 mA (avg.)

145 mA (avg.)15 mA (avg.)
SPL@1.2m:112 dBA (+/- 4dB)107 dBA (+/- 4dB)97 dBA (+/- 4dB)87 dBA (+/- 4dB)
Life time (@21°C)>1000 hours ***>1000 hours ***>1000 hours ***>1000 hours ***
Case materialPBT (UL rating: 94HB)PBT (UL rating: 94HB)PBT (UL rating: 94HB)PBT (UL rating: 94HB)
Standard color of caseBlackBlackBlackBlack
Terminal material(F2) Fast-on or 30cm cable(F2) Fast-on or 30cm cable(F2) Fast-on or 30cm cable(F2) Fast-on or 30cm cable
Storage Temp. range-40°C/ +85°C-40°C/ +85°C-40°C/ +85°C-40°C/ +85°C
Operating Temp.range-40°C/ +85°C-40°C/ +85°C-40°C/ +85°C-40°C/ +85°C
Weight230 g230 g210 g230 g

Measurement @12-24V @1.2m

  • ** Output voltage depending: min. 5 Vdc= 76 dBA, max. 16Vdc=91 dBA
  • *** Lifetime: more than 1000 hours in continuous use, (voltage: 12Vdc; T ambient: 21°C; Humidity: 40%; Free air)



Sound pressure level vs operating voltage 


*All measurements are made @12Vdc @1.2meter in free air @21°C

Dimension (in mm)



Product options

Models on request can be designed for this alarm construction! 

Same housing, other tones:

  • Pulse tone
  • Continuous tone
  • sweep tone, …



List of available product type

SAP-1302-A-F2Fast-on F2, tinned brass
SAP-1302-A-Wstandard cable length=30cm
SAP-1302-B-F2Fast-on F2, tinned brass
SAP-1302-B-WStandard cable length=30cm
SAP-1302-C-F2Fast-on F2, tinned brass
SAP-1302-C-WStandard cable length=30cm


Mounting guidelines 



The SAP series are packed per box.