Blue Line SPS Series

The Blue line SPS Piezoceramic speaker series is designed for a broad range of applications. Equipped with a high power adhesive tape and soldering connection pads the speaker is ready for easy mounting and fast production in every application. These series are reproducing sound signals at very low distortion (below1%) and broad frequency range. The casing is designed to avoid sound wave reflection in the air outlet. The power consumption and current drain are extremely low over the entire frequency response range. Patented technology guarantees a slimline free form factor.

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  • Very flat and solid construction 
  • Dust water and shockproof
  • resistant to temperature  variations
  • Broad frequency range in small size 
  • Combined use as speaker/micro 
  • No electromagnetic field (EMC)
  • Little energy required at low frequencies
  • Less current consumption needed in the leads to the speaker 
  • 60% higher acoustic output for smaller speakers compared to electrodynamic speakers
  • Low weight
  • Low distortion
  • High impedance
  • Can be driven directly by IC



Home EquipmentCommunication equipmentTalking buzzer & doorbellComputer equipment 
Cars, busses, and trains Vending machinesIndustrial equipment Portable voice recorders 
Paying systemsMobile phone Car audio system

Specifications ( Transducer)

Frequency range1kHz – 20kHz450kHz – 20kHz300kHz – 20kHz250Hz – 20kHz
Max. SPL @10cm, 60Vpp86dB90dB93dB93dB
Distortion (%THD)<1%<1%<1%<1%
Capacitance (+/- 20%)480 nF880 nF960 nF1160 nF
Max. voltage PP (sin wave, RMS)60Vpp/ 21.21(Vrms)60Vpp/ 21.21(Vrms)60Vpp/ 21.21(Vrms)60Vpp/ 21.21(Vrms)
Operating temperature-20°C to 60°C-20°C to 60°C-20°C to 60°C-20°C to 60°C
Storage temperature-40°C to 60°C-40°C to 60°C-40°C to 60°C-40°C to 60°C
Case materialPCPCPCPC + RVS grid


Power consumption

  • The average power consumption of the new SPS-series can be calculated by multiplying the RMS-voltage and RMS-current.
  • The RMS-voltage (VRMS) is defined by the input signal. The used signal is a standard pink noise signal with a value of 10,6/21.21 VRMS. This signal has the same energy as a sine wave of 30/60Vpp.
  • Pink noise is an electronic signal that carries equal energy in all octaves (or similar log bundles) over the complete audio frequency range.
  • The RMS-current (IRMS) is measured with a true RMS multimeter (Fluke 87IV) in series with the speaker. A piezo speaker can mainly be seen as a capacitive load and therefore there will be no DC- current consumption. The only current consumption will be of the AC-current component.


Model 10.6 Vrms ( 30Vpp sine) Irms=mA21.21 Vrms (60Vpp sine) Irms=mA
SPS-29-T000.25Watt (=24mA. 10.6V)1.00 Watt (= 47 mA. 21.21V)
SPS-41-T000.48 Watt (=45mA. 10.6V)1.87 Watt (= 88mA. 21.21V)
SPS-53-T000.78 Watt(= 74mA. 10.6V)3.05 Watt (= 144mA. 21.21V)
SPS-68-T001.38 Watt (=130mA. 10.6V)5.51 Watt (= 260mA. 21.21V)


Sound pressure level vs. frequency


Dimensions ( all dimensions are in mm) 



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