Celebrate 45 years piezo expertise with us! 

Sonitron 45th anniversary celebration. 

With more than 45 years of experience and expertise in piezo sound components, we are proud to celebrate this anniversary together with you! 

Without your support we would never have gotten this far with Sonitron! 

Therefore we would like to thank our customers, distributors, suppliers and of course our employees who have helped us amongst these years. 

A great THANK YOU for all these years and we look forward to celebrate the next coming years together! 

sonitron catalog history


The history goes back to 1977 when the company Fabrilec founded by Mr. Michiels & Mrs. Leenaerts started with the production of piezo ceramic sound components under the brand name Sonitron.



The first piezo ceramic sound components series were created and named as the Sonitron standard series.


In 1982 Sonitron developed the first piezo telephone bell.


Sonitron has developed the smallest piezo sound component in the world.



Sonitron introduced the first SMD piezo buzzer.


In 1997 the company was transformed into Sonitron NV.


Sonitron developed the first “high quality audio piezo speaker”

with multilayer membrane technology.


In 2010 Sonitron developed its own Piezo Audio Amplifiers.


Acquisition of Sonitron by new current management team.


Launch of NEW interactive, responsive website.


Happy birthday

45 years! 





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