Kamiel: our Trainee!



🌟 Meet our talented intern Kamiel!! 🌟 Our amazing intern who recently completed a two-week internship with the Sonitron engineering & design team! During his trainee period, he got a fantastic opportunity to immerse himself in the field of engineering and contributed to several projects.

But that’s not all! Kamiel, our intern, is also taking part in this year’s woodcutting championship in Milan, also known as the Stihl Timbersports. A sport that requires skill in cutting and precision in chopping wood. 🌲🏋️‍♂️
In addition, he has also already won the second place in the Belgian championships in shot put!

On behalf of the entire team: Thank you, Kamiel! We wish you every success in your further adventures, both in the world of sports and beyond. Keep swinging that axe! ⚒

Good luck with your studies and future career. 🚀

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