A dance not to forget!


“A mouthmask against cancer…”


With the hope of being able to contain the damage caused by covid-19, Sonitron purchased washable mouth masks from the organization Think Pink Belgium.

The organisation Think Pink Belgium is the national breast cancer campaign that targets breast cancer patients and their families on a daily basis.

All across Europe, local breast cancer organisations, hospitals, support groups and governmental organisations are aiming for the same objective: raising funds, funding research and raising awareness to tackle breast cancer. With 500,000 new diagnoses and 130,000 people who die of breast cancer every year in Europe, these funds are of vital importance.

By joining forces, sharing best practices and collecting funds, Think Pink can help realise concrete projects in collaboration with the European breast cancer organisations.

Woman’s health is important at Sonitron as most of our employees are women. That’s why Sonitron contributes to the prevention and research against breast cancer!

Together for Women’s health!






The jerusalema dance challenge can no longer be ignored at our workplace! Some of our employees have learned how to dance the challenge thanks to the entertainig simple dance steps. The jerusalema challenge originally went viral by a few men in Angola, who spontaneously burst into dancing while eating. Since then, their dance steps have circulated around the world. At sonitron, we’ve put our own spin on this amusing challenge! The whole Sonitron team encourages you to try this challenge too!

Enjoy the video!


With our entire team, we not only protect ourselves against COVID-19, but also contribute to the prevention and research against breast cancer!


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