Obsolete products

This announcement serves as a notification that Sonitron has decided to discontinue the manufacturing of 2 products from the SMA series:
The SMA-17L and SMA-21L.Normally the Product obsolescence Policy of Sonitron allows us to support these products for a limited time in order to allow future planning by all of our distributors, unfortunately, due to the
lack of some important raw materials this process had been accelerated externally. The good news is that there are perfect alternatives who are one on one.
This means no troubles, no worries, no design changes. Product obsolescence notifications, April 2018, includes:

Sonitron appreciates and values your business relationship and looks forward to your continued interest in our products. We apologize any inconvenience that this announcement may cause and hope to meet your future product requirements.

To better serve you, all inquiries should be directed through the sales and support channels.
Do not hesitate to contact Sonitron at Support@sonitron.be and download here the file.


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