New Packaging!

You may have noticed in your last order that we have changed our packaging, but what’s the story?

At Sonitron, we strongly believe that our company has the opportunity to make a positive difference to the local environment in which we live & work. We see environmentally packaging as an opportunity to reduce our environmental footprint.

We have chosen to make this change, as we use thousands of single boxes every year for our products. By using cardboard boxes rather than plastic packaging, we can reduce our plastic usage by 95% which is good for the environment and you.

By making the first change in our cardboard boxes, we removed all polystyrene. This ensures to reduce the volume of air in each order and more components can be packed into a larger single box. Sure, polystyrene packaging is handy and it protects things well but it actually can’t be recycled and it doesn’t biodegrade. Therefore we use recycled paper for an environmental solution to protect your order.

Besides, we also have decided to replace our former PP tape and looked for an eco-paper tape. This makes it possible to seal our boxes with an extremely eco-friendly tape. Using eco-paper is a great option because it is recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable.

Don’t forget the planet can’t be saved overnight, but this simple switch should become the norm and the effect will grow!


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