This tool calculates combined sound sources on the same distance

Sound pressure levels are expressed in decibels which is a logarithmic scale. Therefore we cannot simply add sound levels. Adding up decibels of multiple acoustic sources by using this calculator.


Fill at least 2 decibel levels to calculate the total Sound level. 


A simple rule for adding up the sound levels is to assign a value between 0 – 3dB to the sound level caused by the loudest sound source. This value depends on the difference between two sound sources. If 2 sound sources produce the same sound level at the same distance, it is sufficient to add 3 dB to the sound level to obtain the total sound level. (e.g. 80dB + 80dB = 83dB)

Note: when the difference between two sound sources is more than 10dB, the sound level is equal to the loudest sound source!

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